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I’m very picky. Will Howmuch POS proves to be a good choice for my business?
The Howmuch POS software provides users a system for managing sales, suppliers, inventory, consumers and allows the reporting of the businesses. Howmuch POS system is indeed the right choice for your business. No matter how large or small your business is, the Howmuch POS system provides you an intuitive and flexible way to improve the efficiency of your business.
How I’ll get started with Howmuch POS?
To get started with Howmuch, the user must sign up or log in to https://www.howmuchpos.com/join. after that user will create an account for Sign-up. The user can also sign-up using their existing account of Facebook or Gmail.
Are there any hidden or additional costs associated with Howmuch POS?
No, there are no hidden or additional costs associated with Howmuch POS. It offers a highly advanced stage solution, developed indigenously from top to bottom with no blueprints to follow and no off-the-shelf solution to buy.
What kind of reporting does Howmuch POS offer to the retailers?
Howmuch POS provides detailed reports regarding sales and customer preferences. It also retrieves the store’s performance information efficiently.
Does Howmuch provide technical support services in case my system is not working?
Howmuch provides 24/7 technical support to our consumers. No matter wherever you are, you can always rely on our customer support service.
I travel a lot due to business purposes. Can I access the system remotely?
Yes, why not? Howmuch allows you to track your store progress anywhere, anytime. It, Provides you the latest information about sales, products, and reports. It follows your customers anywhere, any time, and allows you to manage your business statistics. It provides retailers a unified platform that ensures success. In addition, Howmuch will enable you to utilize the latest technology to collect your purchase order, inventory management, and other daily operations.
Does howmuch provide hardware to the retailers?
No, Howmuch does not provide hardware support to retailers, but we can recommend some best vendors.
Can I use my Hardware such as a Printer, Laser scanner, Barcode Printer with the Howmuch POS application?
Yes, all the hardware, such as printers, barcode printers, etc., is compatible with Howmuch POS.
Does howmuch keep track of my product and customer databases?
Howmuch offers an all-in-one system. You can also locate and keep track of everything you want, showcase your products online to process payments, sell your products in person, and keep track of your sales, locations, inventory, and analytics. It holds information related to the product and customer in its cloud storage. Howmuch POS Instantly saves and keeps track of the customers during online checkout. Our POS (Point of Sale) also allows you to gather data on your customers quickly.
I often face internet issues. Can I Use Howmuch POS during the internet downtime or in offline mode?
One of the most exceptional and remarkable features of howmuch is that It works online and offline and syncs with the server to track your orders and inventory across your retail locations and online store. In case of server interruption, Howmuch POS will continue to work in offline mode. Now, you don’t need to worry about a sudden network outage because Howmuch POS will conveniently switch to the offline mode in case of a network outage.
How do I accept payment from my customers and suppliers?
Howmuch provides multiple payment procedures on both handling options, i.e., delivery and pickup. It includes Cash (Credit/Debit card) and Easy pay (credit/debit/Easypaisa). The user will have three choices to pay or receive the bill at their convenience.
Do Howmuch applicable to use on different platforms such as Web, Android, and IOS?
For the ease of the customers and retailers, Howmuch has designed applications that apply to three different platforms, i.e., WEB, Android, and IOS.
Will I be able to operate my Physical store, E-commerce website, or mobile commerce application in one place?
Yes, indeed, with Howmuch POS, the user can operate the physical store, E-mail, website, or mobile commerce application in one place or remotely.
Does Howmuch POS protect me from spam?
Howmuch POS application is design in a way that protects retailers and customers from spam. In addition, it saves valuable information and data in its cloud-based storage, which is the safest option.
Will Howmuch POS support my customer database?
Yes, Howmuch POS supports the customer database. It provides you to have excellent customer service by saving the customer data.
Is Howmuch POS applicable to my online store?
Yes, Howmuch POS makes it convenient for retailers to integrate it with online stores. It works remarkably for online stores as well.
Can Howmuch easily manage multiple stores in one place?
Howmuch works great with the retailers having numerous stores and make it easy for them to manage their inventory, staff, customer, and the information across all stores. Howmuch POS maintains continuity in your business operations.
What is the Pricing Plan of Howmuch?
Howmuch provides the user a very flexible pricing plan that ranges from Free, Standard, Premium to Pro with different price packages. The details are herehttps://www.howmuchpos.com/pricing. So feel free to choose the box that best suits your business.
Do I need to upgrade my existing POS with a new one? What will be the packages Howmuch offers?
If you are dissatisfied with your existing POS system and are searching for something with exceptional features with a flexible budget, then Howmuch POS will be the best choice for you. Our POS works efficiently on all windows, android, and hardware such as Printers, laser and Barcode printers example, can keep saves andIn addition, it. At the same time, our packages are very flexible and suit all sized businesses.
I always prefer maintenance. Does Howmuch offer maintenance services?
Software maintenance is already included in our package as we continuously update and enhance our platform and make general fixes. Besides that, we are always willing to go the extra mile to onboard our customers and provide them a solution. We do not provide operational maintenance support but can quote and bill you separately on an instance base to give any active maintenance (like price updates, support with branding, images, hardware, etc.).

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