Easy To Setup And Maintain
Get your hands on the best specialty retail POS system, which is highly convenient, advanced, and scalable. Howmuch POS for a specialty store always keeps you updated. It monitors your daily specialty store operations and helps you make informed decisions with real-time reports and accurate insights.
Secured & Reliable
Howmuch specialty retail POS software is highly secured. It keeps your business and customers’ data safe. Similarly, it is integrated with FBR. with Howmuch retail POS software, you can focus on your business growth, and it will reduce your extra operational expenses. You can run it on any device, including web browser, desktop, android, iOS, etc.
Perfect Software For Speciality Store
Howmuch POS for specialty store business assists you to keep an eye on your sales and inventory. It includes flexible payment options, and it keeps you stay on top of your business. You can also handle work orders, various SKUs, marketing and promotions, inventory, sales, and many more with specialty store software. It gives you the best solution to drive business growth.
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Need Help?
Read Popular Questions
How I’ll get registered with Howmuch POS?
You can quickly get registered with Howmuch POS winormal a minute. What you are required to do is fill up the registration form accurately. Enter your basic details, like your name, contact information, password, and store details, then click the Register button and enjoy Howmuch cloud-based Free POS software.
Why I’m not receiving any verification code?
SMS delay happens due to poor network connection. Hit resend button or check your provided email. If you still do not receive the verification code, please contact our support team at "info@howmuch.pk" OR call them directly at +92 300 0554082.
I’m not getting much understanding regarding Howmuch Features?
If you are not getting much understanding of Howmuch features, please visit this link https://www.howmuchpos.com/features to have a detailed insight into Howmuch Free POS software. For further queries, please feel free to contact our support team at info@howmuch.pkOR contact them at +92-300-0550831
How I’ll install Howmuch POS build?
During the store creation, this is the last step. To download the appropriate POS build, please visit this link https://www.howmuchpos.com/download and download our latest build of Howmuch Free POS software.
Does Howmuch POS will be compatible with my business?
You can use Howmuch POS to sell almost anywhere, including brick-and-mortar stores, markets, and pop-up shops. It has revolutionary cloud-based Free POS Software that will streamline your chain stores and departmental stores. Howmuch POS is compatible with every kind of store. It perfectly fits fit for Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, bakeries, bookshops, medical stores, milk shops, Toyshop, Electronic Stores, and Superstore business operations. It also functions smoothly for the Tyre and spare parts shop, furnishing market, electronic and hardware stores, warehouses, furniture shop, gifts, jewelry, and flower shops. Howmuch POS keeps the hassle away from you.
Does Howmuch provide technical support services?
Howmuch provides 10/7 technical support to our customers. No matter wherever you are. You can always rely on our customer support service. There is also an available Chat option. In case of any query, you can leave a text message. Our customer support service is always ready to address your issues.

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